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Five Tips from an Emergency Plumber

There are times when you have no option but to call an emergency plumber. The toilet won’t flush, the washing machine has flooded the kitchen or the boiler is dripping. It is incredibly stressful for everyone involved. Prevention is always better than cure. As experienced Aylesbury Plumbers, we offer these five tips offer simple advice on how you can avoid that emergency call out.

Simple Ways to Keep your Pipes Clear, so you can Avoid Calling a Plumber to Clear Blockages

Clear pipes allow a free flow of water that ensures your sinks, toilet, washing machine and other appliances can operate as designed. Many plumbing issues arise when the pipes get blocked. In order to reduce the risk, minimise the items that enter the system.

Kitchen Waste

Please don’t tip grease down the sink after you’ve cooked that delicious Sunday roast and use sink plughole strainers to collect food debris. Both items can be disposed of in the bin – you will need to let fats cool and solidify first.

Bathroom Waste

Equally, invest in a small bathroom bin. Toilet paper is designed to break up in the plumbing system, no other manmade materials do. Wet wipes, cotton buds and other items should not be flushed down the toilet. Drain protectors in the shower will also help to keep the pipes free from hair.

Use a Suction Plunger to Clear Minor Blockages

If you have noticed that there is a minor issue with water draining away, make use of a manual plunger. Liquid drain cleaners may seem like the easier option, but they corrode the pipes and can cause greater issues in the future.

It is Advisable to Book a Regular Boiler Service with your Plumber

As a qualified plumber, Aylesbury homeowners call on me to undertake regular boiler checks. This may seem like an unnecessary expense when everything is in order. At the very least, it offers peace of mind. At best, minor issues are diagnosed and repaired before the problem escalates. A regular boiler service includes safety checks and all related paperwork will be provided. It will certainly cost less than calling me out on emergency plumber rates.

If you Notice an Issue, Call your Local Plumber Straight Away

If you notice a drip from a pipe, radiator or tap, or spot a small damp patch on the ceiling, call your local plumber. In the early stages, it will be quicker, easier and cheaper for problems to be resolved. If you ignore these signs, the issue will get worse. Not only is water being wasted, but it could also cause more substantial damage to your property.

Avoid DIY Repairs – Qualified Plumbers have the Right Skills and Tools

Before setting up as Aylesbury plumbers, every member of our team undertook years of training and gained considerable experience. We are fully qualified, insured and are Gas Safe registered. We have all the tools of the trade and work in compliance with industry standards. Unless you are also a qualified plumber, we advise that you don’t take on DIY plumbing jobs. Quite a number of our emergency requests have been a result of a failed DIY project. The cost of repairing the damage was considerably more than if we had undertaken the job from the start.

Keep the Number of your Local Plumber at Hand

With those five tips, we hope that you never need an emergency plumber. It is always a good idea to keep the details of a local plumber at hand for those boiler services and minor issues. If you need and Aylesbury Plumber, contact Three Counties Plumbing and Heating on 01296 392349, our emergency call out number is 07908 530404.

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