Hiring an Emergency Plumber During the Second Lockdown

Hiring an Emergency Plumber During the Second Lockdown

While the second lockdown has put many things on pause, emergency plumbing services cannot be one of them. After all, some problems in the home can be so big that they require immediate attention, and choosing the right emergency plumber online has never been such an important decision.

However, all of us here at Three Counties Plumbing are readily available to provide the emergency plumbing services you need for a fair and affordable price. Your safety is our top priority, and we also understand you will have questions on how everything should proceed.

Well, we’ve anticipated your enquiries and attempted to answer a few of them in more detail, so that you can understand when to hire emergency plumbers and when your plumbing problem can wait.

Is it Necessary?

During times that are as dangerous and as crucial as the one we are currently living, honesty is essential. You don’t need an emergency plumber unless the work or issue that you have requires a highly trained professional to do a good job. Minor plumbing problems or plumbing and heating projects that can wait, should, to keep you and emergency plumbers in your area safe.

You might be comfortable conducting your minor repairs around the house, and that is entirely valid. We compiled a quick checklist to help you determine what can be fixed yourself, and what requires some expert handiwork. Consult it closely, and that way you have peace of mind if and when the time comes to call us out.

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Research Reputations

Before you call out an emergency plumber to your home, you need to research to find the right service for you. There are many things you should consider before you take the big leap, such as quotes and customer reviews of the local plumbing services in your area.

Unfortunately, some emergency plumbers have landed themselves with a bad reputation by deliberately prolonging jobs for higher pay. There will undoubtedly be some who try to manipulate these difficult times to their advantage, so make sure you are only working with those in our industry who are qualified, reputable, and have honest values. Don’t be afraid to question us rigorously – only when you’re comfortable can any progress be made. 

A second lockdown brings further points of debate. Now more than ever, the dynamic between an emergency plumber and the customer is dependant squarely on trust. Only through doing some meticulous research can you hope to build that kind of a bond with those you hire, so put the time in, and no nasty surprises will be waiting for you.

Guide Your Emergency Plumber On A A Direct Path To The Issue

If you call us out to your home, then the first thing you should do is give us a direct path to where the problems are. Don’t lead us through different rooms unless necessary because speed and limited contact are critical during our visit.

If your home has multiple entry points, then you and any housemates or family members should isolate our plumbers to the most convenient while you use the others, such as backdoors. This will enable us to get out of your hair sooner and will also better enforce social distancing rules. If we have to go through the kitchen to get upstairs, for example, there’s a higher likelihood of our workers crossing paths with you and others, and that’s not sensible.

Crucially, Three Counties Plumbing staff will not be working if they have symptoms of coronavirus, nor if they have been into contact with anyone who has either. We have our own rules and regulations here, and we take them extremely seriously. If you are working with other local services, enquire as to how they conduct themselves both day-to-day and on arrival. If they’re expecting the shaking of hands and cups of tea, you know to look elsewhere at this time.

Use An Emergency Plumber Who Takes Your Cleanliness Concerns Into Account

Cleanliness was always a point of concern in the emergency plumbing trade since before coronavirus. This line of work can get messy, but we have always endeavoured to ensure that homes are neat and tidy once we have finished, so that all looks as if we were never there. However, with the transmission of this deadly disease, things need to be more thorough.

As such, when we provide an emergency service during this lockdown, we will wipe down any surfaces and equipment we touch, ensuring that our workers are always equipped with disinfectant wipes. We, and any competitors worth their salt, will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that everything around us is clean, and we’ll all be up to date on how the germs thrive on different surfaces.

Cleanliness is an area where you should test the emergency plumber you’re hiring. If they don’t take the correct preventive measures seriously, then that’s undoubtedly a red flag signalling that it’s time to look for an emergency plumber elsewhere. If you need more advice in the way of the proper cleaning practices everyone in our industry should be undertaking, do get in touch with us.

Our reliable, trustworthy team of emergency plumbers can help with any plumbing issue and offer a swift response to your enquiry. We’re gas safe and can help with plumbing emergencies, central heating work and any of other emergency problem you might have with your home’s plumbing. We’ll quickly fix your central heating or plumbing issues, so you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

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