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The ultimate year-round checklist for plumbing and heating

Your home should be your sanctuary – somewhere you come home to at the end of the day to relax, spend time with family and shut off from work. So when a plumbing emergency happens at home, this can make life difficult and stressful. Having a local plumber on hand to support emergencies and faults can make plumbing issues that much easier to deal with, but ideally, you want to have peace of mind that your plumbing is in tip-top no matter the season condition. That’s why we at Three Counties Plumbing have put together a year-round maintenance checklist for you to ensure that you know what services should be completed and when leaving you free to enjoy time at home without worrying about your plumbing!


Don’t forget about your outdoor drainage system during the cold winter months. They are more likely to clog or face issues due to the extreme cold weather and the excess drainage from rain and debris. 


Make sure you check for leaks – as the weather gets warmer and the pipes begin to flow more easily, common problems include leaking pipes and taps, which can leave your home with serious issues. 


If you have disconnected your outdoor water tanks for the winter months, don’t forget to reconnect them to ensure you are collecting the rainwater that is sure to make an appearance! 


Check the drainage system for your washing machine and dishwasher. Often forgot about until these systems no longer function correctly, these machines often experience a build-up of debris, leaving them with damaged pipes, clogged drainage and an awful smell.


Now is a good time before it gets too hot, to get on that roof and check your gutter system to ensure it is not blocked with debris from the spring months and is ready to stand the hot weather that is coming in. Blocked gutters don’t just happen in the winter months, and have a nasty habit of becoming an issue in the spring time, with windier weather that carries leaves and twigs. 


During the summer months, particularly in very dry, hot weather, the ground around your drainage systems can crack, meaning pipes can be left damaged and exposed. Ensure the ground around your drains look to be in good condition and any exposed pipes are covered and insulated to protect them against UV rays. 

As soon as you spot signs of a drain collapse through hot weather, call your plumbing team to get this resolved. 


July could be the month you decide to check your internal draining system – plugs and shower / bath drains. These are the areas we often forget about, but they take a lot of debris and dirt through washing up, showering and excess fluids. Pay particular attention to your shower drainage as hair can often be caught in the pipes which could result in damage to the bathroom. Completing internal plumbing jobs is always more straightforward during warmer months as it is easier to access external drainage systems.


Faulty boilers – don’t wait for the winter season to come around to find out there is a problem with your boiler. Check your water heater before needing it so you can be sure that when the time comes, your boiler is in complete working order! 

Between July and September is the best time to get your boiler serviced – speak to Three Counties plumbing today to book your boiler service


Plan to have a final check of your guttering system before the weather turns colder. Be sure to check for the normal debris you expect to find including moss, as well as cracks and leaks that could have appeared when warmer weather affects the piping. Be sure to clear your guttering before the rain season begins again. 

Think about bleeding your radiators so they are ready to fire into action from the moment you turn your heating back on for the winter season. Bleeding radiators is important to ensure there is no air trapped inside them. Having trapped air in your radiators means that the hot water wont be able to circulate properly, leaving the bottom hot and the top very cold. Ultimately this could not only lead to insufficient heating, but it could cost a lot of money in heating bills!

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Often by October, the colder weather will be starting to make an appearance, and when the temperature begins to drop, this can often cause problems with both internal and external pipes. October is the month to start thinking about protecting your lines and fittings from freezing. 

  • Insulate all pipes, including those in lofts, roofs, garages and external buildings. 
  • Wrap your water tank with a suitable insulation material 
  • Consider emptying water tanks exposed to weather conditions or in outbuildings if they are not going to be in use over the winter months. 
  • Start to leave your heating on a constant low setting to ensure a continuous heat supply around your home. 


Make one final check of your garden and external drains to ensure all appears to be in working order, ready to beat the winter chills. Store garden hoses in a shed or outdoor building to prevent damage to the hose pipe. 

Clear any debris from the drains to ensure you have a fully functioning drainage system outside your house should we be hit with storms and flash flooding. 


This month, you will be busy enough in the run up to the Christmas and new year holidays. Completing large scale plumbing jobs, unless its an emergency, its not advisable during the winter months due to the cold temperatures and unpredictable weather. Use this month to make regular checks, look out for leaking pipes, insufficient heating, exposed pipe work and blocked drains. Be sure to call a plumber if you run into issues along the way. 

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