5 things that could be affecting your water quality in Buckinghamshire

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Understanding the quality of water in Bucks

Water is essential to life. We all need it to survive. But how can you be sure of the quality of the water you and your family are drinking? If you live in Buckinghamshire, you might have been wondering about the quality of your tap water. Is it safe to drink? 

This month, Three Counties Plumbing and Heating look at different ways your water quality in Buckinghamshire could be affected and how you can get the problem sorted with the support of a respected plumbing and heating team. 

What is affecting the taste or colour of your water in Bucks?

No doubt your Buckinghamshire water supply comes from a famous and well-respected Thames Water. But unknown to you, many things can affect the quality of your tap water, including your water company. If you are experiencing problems with your water quality in Buckinghamshire, it may be due to your water supply and not your water company.

Climate change can impact our water

It’s no secret that we are facing a climate disaster currently, but did you know that climate change could also impact our water supply and quality? The warmer the earth gets, the less water there will be to go around. This is because warmer air sucks up and holds onto more moisture than cooler air, and the water is taken from our lakes, rivers, the sea and our water companies. 

Surrounding wildlife

Buckinghamshire is surrounded by beautiful hills and wildlife – perfect for walking and exploring. Not so perfect, however, for our water quality if it’s affected by the wildlife. Faecal matter from animals and even the bodies of animals that have died could end up in our water source, which will affect the taste, smell and even colour of our water. 

Are your pipes appropriately connected?

It’s a scary thought, but if there is a problem with your pipes, you may find your water quality is compromised. Your problem could be as simple as a crack or hole in the line that allows debris to fall into your water source. It could also be an issue with your pipes not being connected properly or being connected to your domestic waste, which will damage your water. If you think you have a problem with your pipework, speak to Three Counties Plumbing today. 

Could it be the chemicals or contamination?

To make our water safe to drink, it is necessary to clean it with chemicals, including chlorine. Although this shouldn’t affect the taste or look of your water, it is possible that too many chemicals will result in water quality in Buckinghamshire being negatively affected. Thames Water carries out thousands of tests per year to ensure this does not happen. 

Whilst every protection is made to ensure your water is not contaminated, the chances are, some bacteria or industrial chemicals may get through. Chemicals from local fields spraying their crops, bacteria from faecal matter and minerals from natural underground deposits may have a part to play in the water quality in Buckinghamshire. 

Buckinghamshire is a hard water area

As we have mentioned in a previous blog, Buckinghamshire is a hard water area. Whilst this means we are getting a significant number of vitamins and minerals into our system, hard water can make limescale and clogs build up in our plumbing, resulting in poorer water quality. Three Counties Plumbing can help unclog and support your plumbing works, so your water quality in Buckinghamshire stays in good shape.  

Testing water quality to avoid potential issues

The environmental agency regulates water quality to ensure that our water continues to be safe to use. Testing water quality, not just the water in our homes but bathing water and local rivers and lakes, is imperative to keep the population safe. Regular testing is also undertaken by Thames Water. Over 500,000 tests are carried out each year to ensure our water quality in Buckinghamshire is high quality and remains safe. 

Tests include the amount of lead that may be in our water system. In Buckinghamshire, there is virtually no lead in our water, but those houses built before 1970 that still have the original plumbing may have lead pipes that lead into the house. Whilst there are few health risks associated with lead plumbing, the government has advised that every effort should be made to reduce or remove lead in the water network – particularly for pregnant women and young children. If you have or think you may have lead plumbing in your home, speak to Three Counties Plumbing today. 

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