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The history of World Plumbing Day 

Have you ever given a thought to the plumbing that surrounds you? From the neat plumbing in your home to the pipes in your office space and the waterworks under your feet as you walk through town, plumbing is all around us and yet most of us don’t give it a second thought. 

World Plumbing day is set for 11th March every year to remind us of the vital role plumbing plays in our everyday lives and just how much of a positive impact it has on our health and wellbeing. Modern plumbing offers us the chance to live in a relatively disease-free country that wasn’t available even 100 years ago. 

Even going back to the Victorian era, plumbing looked very different to how it looks today. We have all seen the images of women throwing buckets of toilet matter out of the windows into the streets below, often catching passersby on the head! Much death and disease such as Cholera, could have been avoided during this time had the Victorians had access to suitable plumbing facilities. 

For those who could afford it, outdoor ‘privies’ were used (a shed with a plank of wood over a hole in the ground). These holes in the ground, once full, were emptied by ‘night soil men’.

This month, Three Counties Plumbing and Heating take a look at how far plumbing has come since the Victorian Era and the health concerns that could still be lurking in your bathrooms today. 

The scary health concerns held in our bathrooms

World Plumbing Day seeks to recognise the link between the plumbing facilities we have access to with our health and wellbeing. Our bathrooms play a significant role in our health and everyone understands the importance of cleanliness, particularly in our bathrooms, to prevent disease and infections from becoming apparent once again. 

Bathrooms, naturally, are the place where you are likely to find some of the most harmful bacteria known. These bacteria include Bacillus and cocci. These bacteria, along with many others are harmful to humans and can cause many health concerns including infections and pneumonia. Some of the bacteria found in our bathrooms are resistant to antibiotics, making them really quite concerning to human health. 

It is clear from the above, that plumbing plays an incredibly important role in the health of our population. Plumbing is the fastest way to protect our health and it’s important therefore that we keep on top of our plumbing and fix any concerns that come to light as quickly as possible. If you see any cracked pipes, leaking pumps or toilets that are not flushing correctly, you need to get your plumbing checked by a reputable plumbing team like Three Counties Plumbing. 

Healthy bathroom habits to adopt on World Plumbing Day 

By making hygiene your top priority this World Plumbing day, you could be avoiding the spread of disease not just in your household but through the people you meet and see. Take a look at some of our top bathroom habits you will want to get into in 2022.

Bathroom habits you need to get into: 

Wash your hands – we have all become absolute experts in washing our hands over the last 2 years but now is not the time to relax! Ensure you always wash your hands after finishing your business in the bathroom as this is the fastest and most effective way to stop any harmful bacteria that could have got onto your hands from leaving the bathroom when you are doing. Singing Happy Birthday twice and using hot water and soap will ensure your hands stay bacteria-free. 

Introduce a weekly cleaning schedule – Stop that bacteria in its track by adopting a weekly cleaning schedule that helps you get into the nook and crannies of your bathroom to get rid of any bacteria that may be building up without you knowing. Use cleaning materials with a bacteria-killing quality and always wash your cloths on a hot wash when you have finished. 

Check your plumbing for cracks and leaks – As we mentioned before, any cracks or leaks with your plumbing should be sorted as soon as possible, particularly if you have found a crack in your toilet bowl. This is where most of the bacteria will be held (for obvious reasons!) so it is important to get your cracks and leaks fixed to avoid the bacteria slipping out. 

Change your towels once a week – We hope this goes without saying, but your bathroom towels should be changed once a week and washed on a hotter wash. As your bathroom towels spend 95% of their time in your bathroom, they will trap any particles and bacteria in the air within their materials. Towels also remove bacteria from your skin when you are drying yourself.

Avoid the mould from becoming an issue – Mould is often an issue in bathrooms as they are the most condensated in the house. Use a mould remover regularly in your bathroom to prevent mould from building up and creating harmful spores in the air that could be hazardous to your health. 

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