The costly industry of faulty plumbing and how to avoid it in 2022

faulty plumbing

The true cost of faulty plumbing in your home

Plumbing is one of the most basic needs of a house. Our plumbing supports us throughout the day with tasks such as making a cup of tea, running a bath, washing our clothes and even flushing the toilet.  If the plumbing system is not working, then you are going to have a lot of problems. many of us will come across a plumbing challenge at some point in our lives as homeowners, whether that’s a broken toilet, a leaky tap or a burst pipe. But do you know how much it could really cost you if you delay fixing your faulty plumbing?

This month, Three Counties Plumbing and Heating look into the true cost of faulty plumbing and how you can avoid a big invoice for work in 2022. 

How much could your faulty plumbing really be costing you?

There are a number of reasons why you may be faced with faulty plumbing when you get home from a long day’s work. The primary reason for a burst pipe is the cold weather. During those winter months, water in the pipe expands as it gets closer to freezing. This can cause the pressure to increase and if this gets too much for the pipe to handle, it can damage the pipe structure. Generally, you will see this occur when temperatures drop towards -6 degrees. 

In the UK alone, the cost of faulty plumbing is estimated to be around £10,000 per burst pipe claim. This is the result of wasted water, labour and materials, to name just a few. While no one likes the idea of being hit in the pocket, the true cost of faulty plumbing can be far greater. Water leaks may go undetected for a long period of time. This means that the effects are felt on a much greater scale than just the cost of repair and replacement. Not only does the damage affect your pocket, but it can also affect the value of your property, as well as the health and safety of your family.

Burst pipes Vs. gradual damage

Burst pipes are generally not something that can be hidden. Whether it’s a small pipe or the mainline into your home, having a burst pipe is likely to leave a lot of visible damage quickly. If you come home to find a pipe has burst, the first course of action you should take is to turn off the water supply to the home using the stop cock, normally located under a sink or near to the main water line into your home. Fixing a burst pipe requires the support of a local trust plumber like Three Counties Plumbing and Heating. taking action quickly will prevent further damage to your home such as flooring and furniture. 

Gradual damage created by a leaking pipe can be harder to spot, and often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. Whether that’s a ceiling collapse or lasting damage to the floor in your home, a gradual leak can often be more costly to resolve due to the damage it has created rather than fixing the pipe itself. You may be able to tell if you have a gradual leak by changes in pressure to your water system. We recommend checking your pipework periodically to avoid leaking pipes and major damage. 

Claiming on insurance is not as simple as you may think

Water damage claims are increasing because people aren’t taking care of their properties. Burst pipes are usually caused by frozen pipes. Older pipes can fail when there is too much pressure. A burst pipe can cause huge amounts of damage. Our modern society relies on complex piping systems in our homes. E.g. boilers, and waste disposals. Unfortunately, this increases the chances of expensive plumbing incidents. 

Burst pipes inside the home are one of these worst emergencies which can happen. It is not simply repairing the pipe, or even losing the water while it is repaired, but the sheer financial costs of the damage to the house which can be wreaked. But perhaps the worst of all is the upset, and disruption to your household!

Top tips for dealing with a burst pipe or water damage:

If you are faced with a flooded house, follow these steps to get started:

  • Disconnect your electrical and water supply
  • Contact a plumber 
  • Stop the source of the flooding
  • Salvage anything you can from the flood zone
  • Call your insurance company
  • Document everything
  • Remove standing water

Unfortunately, it is very dependent on your home policy as to whether your insurance will cover the cost of repairing the damage to your home and plumbing. Generally, if the damage is unforeseen, such as a burst pipe or a faulty washing machine, a policy may cover it.

 However, if the pipe has been leaking for some time or you have been delaying getting it fixed, you may have to cover the cost yourself without the help of your insurance company. Check your policy today and ensure it covers plumbing damage in as many capacities as possible.

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